A Garbage Nightmare: Residents Near Fort Mill Say Trash Not Picked Up In Month

YORK COUNTY, SC. — It’s a garbage nightmare. Residents in several neighborhoods near Fort Mill say their trash hasn’t been picked up in a month. Neighbors tell WCCB the company is holding their money hostage.

Piles of trash, foul smells, what residents in Regal Manor say they’ve been dealing with for weeks.

These neighborhoods are outside Fort Mill city limits and contracted with Carolina Disposal of Charlotte. The company is supposed to pickup every Monday and Thursday.

Eric Kinsinger called it quits with the company after they let his garbage sit for a month.

“It looks disgusting and it’s ridiculous, I mean it looks like a war zone in here.” says Kinsinger.

Kisinger says now, they’re charging him a $25 cancellation fee and haven’t given him his money back for pre-paid services. He’s been trying to call the garbage company.

WCCB reached out to Carolina Disposal of Charlotte by phone and email, and got no response.

On December 31st the company posted on their Facebook page a message saying they reason for the delay was due to a fire and having trucks repaired. Tuesday, they posted saying they were picking up in Indian Land and Fort Mill. Residents say they haven’t seen them.