Lake Arbor Apartments Appealing Code Violations

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Some residents of a West Charlotte apartment complex say they are still living in poor conditions. We first showed you the conditions at the Lake Arbor Apartments in October. WCCB has learned the complex has appealed its code violations.

City Code Enforcement officials say Lake Arbor has brought 119 units into compliance. There are still 204 open cases. The property owner has appealed all of the cases. That means by law until the appeal is resolved, Code Enforcement can’t issue civil penalties or cite the property owner to environmental court.

“There’s mold, there’s been several leaks, clogs,” says resident Sharonda White.

White moved to Lake Arbor Apartments in November. She says she was promised one unit, but management said it wasn’t ready and put her in a temporary one.

“Been in there with no lights, no heat, no hot water. I mean it’s rough.”

She says in addition to the other issues, she doesn’t have power because she can’t afford the $700 bill she’s been stuck with from the previous tenant.

“Duke Energy told me that it’s a debate between me and them, I have to figure it out with the rent office and they’re not budging.”

The complex told the city it would bring all occupied units to code by December 23rd. Something residents say didn’t happen.

The City Housing Appeal Board will hear Lake Arbor’s appeal on February 12th. One resident says her apartment has been brought to compliance, and she does see contractors working here during the day.