Squatters Illegally Move In, Claim Multi-Million Dollar Davidson Home

DAVIDSON, NC. —  Two squatters have been arrested after police say they illegally moved in and claimed a multi-million dollar home in Davidson.

That home also belongs to the family of the Mayor of Davidson, Rusty Knox.

The pair claimed allegiance to the Moorish Nation, whose followers claim to be sovereign citizens.

Police say Turmaine Thorne and Taqiyah Barber got into the two million dollar home that is for sale using a hide-away key. The pair proceeded to unload a 26-foot U-haul with their belongings and move into the house.

Mayor Knox said they discovered the squatters when his brother went to check on the house Friday night.

“They told him that it was their house and he didn’t belong there, and he knew that wasn’t true so he did the right thing by calling the police,” says Mayor Knox.

When police got arrived, Thorne and Barber refused to allow the officers inside the home. Officers eventually arrested the two with a key from the Knox family. Police say the suspects filed a claim to have legal ownership of the property.

Both Thorne and Barber are out on bond. They’re charged with breaking and entering and resisting an officer.