Ink N Ivy Receives Low Grade After Health Inspection

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The health inspector cited a general lack of control in the bar area and kitchen at Ink N Ivy after finding nearly 20 violations, some critical, during an inspection on Wednesday.

The restaurant received a 78 grade, which is a C rating.

Some of the critical violations included bare hand contact of ready to eat foods, dish washing issues, and food storage issues.

Photo courtesy of tripadvisor

Bartenders were seen putting fruit in customer’s drinks using bare hands without washing their hands after handling dirty dishes and money.  Inspectors also observed many dead cockroaches in the liquor room.

According to the inspector, none of the dishwashers were properly using sanitizer and dirty dishes were being stored as clean, with heavy food debris and a greasy film.

Raw foods, such as shrimp, bacon, and pooled eggs were stored in coolers above ready-to-eat foods, which is a hazard because the raw foods can leak and potentially contaminate the already prepared food.

The inspector said some of the violations were corrected during the visit, but some of the offenses were repeat violations.

To view the full report, click HERE.