Off-roading tips for beginners

N Charlotte Toyota tipsLooking to instill a little adventure into your new year? A great way to add some excitement to your day-to-day drive time is to take up off-roading. However, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re doing and some basic knowledge on your side before you decide to take on the trails. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help – check out these 4 basic tips for beginner off-roading enthusiasts.

Off-roading tips for beginners

Tip #1: Think about your vehicle’s capabilities BEFORE you go off-roading.

Can your ride REALLY handle going off the pavement? Some vehicles just weren’t built to withstand the wear and tear or performance demands of off-roading. For example, the Toyota Corolla – this sedan was built to be fuel-efficient, sporty, and comfortable. While it’s great in the city and on the highway, taking it off the pavement isn’t a wise choice. The N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma, on the other hand, is perfect for hitting the trails. It’s a versatile truck that’s equipped with features like 4×4, active traction control, and other elements designed to make tackling tough terrain a breeze.

Tip #2: Find a group to tag along with.

It’s tempting to just take off for the trails on your own, but our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends finding a group to tag along with, at least at first. They can show you where the best trails are and help you learn how to navigate them, as well as work as a buddy system so you don’t get lost. They can also help you learn how to execute tricky maneuvers without damaging your vehicle. Look for a group on your favorite social media!

Tip #3: Carefully choose and pack supplies.

What do you need to have with you in your ride to hit the trails? Here are some suggestions:

  • A spare tire, lug wrench, tire jack, and tire pressure gauge
  • Jumper cables
  • Tow ropes and a shovel
  • A GPS and a backup paper map
  • A flashlight (don’t forget the batteries!)
  • A phone charger
  • A simple first aid kit
  • Water and snacks

And if you’re traveling on trails in the cold, remember to bring extra blankets with you, just in case.

Tip #4: Consider upgrading your ride to be more off-road-ready.

If you find yourself a big fan of serious off-roading after a few months, you may want to consider upgrading your ride a little to make it better suited for tough terrain! You can add new tires, tow hooks, new suspension, a light bar, and more – and you can get it all through Toyota of N Charlotte. Our Parts Store is fully equipped and can order anything you need to get off-road-ready!

Upgrade your ride at Toyota of N Charlotte today

Looking for a truck to take on the trails or trying to upgrade your current vehicle? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today – we’re open and waiting for you at (704) 659-2025. Happy trails! 

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