“PooPrints” Catching On With Charlotte Apartments

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  It’s a concept catching on with Charlotte apartments called “PooPrints”. They’re using DNA testing to crackdown on residents who don’t pick up after their pets. Tenants will be fined if it’s determined they didn’t pick up after their pets.

Residents at Legacy Ballantyne Apartments say they’re sick of neighbors not picking up after their dogs.

“They provide a dog park for us, and doggy poop stations, plus the doggy poop bags, I mean what else could you ask for,” says tenet Rita Rivera.

That’s why the complex is rolling out “Poo Prints.” Residents of Legacy Ballantyne Apartments got a notice they’d have to bring their dogs to the office to get their cheeks swabbed for DNA. Starting in February, the complex tells WCCB, dog poop that hasn’t been picked up will be sent to a lab. The lab will match it to the dog and the complex will fine the owner $250. The complex is working with a lab called BioPet laboratories out of Tennessee.

It’s a concept that other  Charlotte apartments have adopted. Residents at Marquis at Carmel Commons in South Charlotte tell me the complex has been doing the same thing since 2013.

One resident says he still steps in  dog poop–a lot, “Two, three or four times a month, early in the morning before work.”

Renters don’t have to pay for the program.

Greater Charlotte Apartment Association does not currently have a record of exactly how many apartments are doing the testing.