NC DOT Preparing For Slick Roads

STATESVILLE, NC. — The threat of freezing rain is a concern on roadways north and west of I-85. NC DOT officials say they’ll have around three or four crews overnight Tuesday at county maintenance facilities ready to respond to slick spots.

DOT crews won’t be pre-treating the roads with brine because rain will likely wash it away.

Wednesday morning, they’ll have all hands on deck ready to respond to the trouble spots.

“There will be some overpasses and bridges that are slick, just because of the cold air coming up underneath them. Will treat our roads accordingly,” says Iredell County Macitence engineer for NC DOT Matthew Evans.

Dianne Taylor fears icy roads could interrupt her daily routine, “Because you have to watch other drivers to so that’s a concern. It scares me to drive in it so I wait until the roads are safe before I get out.”