Property Owners In Mecklenburg Finding Out New Tax Values

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC. — Property owners across Mecklenburg County are finding out their new tax values. Some are seeing their values more than double. Attorneys say they’re already getting dozens of calls from people who want to challenge the new values.

Brian Sisson built his home in Cornelius last year. It had an appraised value of $580,000 dollars.   He didn’t expect it to more than double.

“When I looked this year it was $1.173 million,” says Sisson.

He immediately called his attorney to start the review process. A process which all property owners have 29 days from today to do.

Uptown, SouthPark, and Ballantyne are seeing the biggest increases in the county. Areas in South End and Plaza Midwood increasing by more than 100%

Several local attorneys are working together to help people fight the reval. Larry Shasheen Jr. is one of them.  He says people need to start the process, immediately.

“Request an informal review. Get to the process go down there and see the assessor. If the assessor does not give you something you think is fair, you could file a formal up until May 20th,” says Shasheen.

Business owners are also dealing with sticker shock. Sisson owns a gun shop in Cornelius. The tax value on his property went up $74,000.