Could We See Kid Curfews At Charlotte Breweries?

CHARLOTTE, NC. — There’s mixed reaction to a Durham taproom’s ban on kids after 8 pm. Hi-Wire Brewing posted the new rules on Facebook last week.

With comments on social media like: “Yes. finally a brewery taking a stand against kids running wild,” and, “As if there aren’t a thousand kid free places. never coming back!”

At first, it said kids wouldn’t be allowed after seven, but that started a huge debate on social media. The brewery pushed the curfew to eight. The rules also say children must be supervised at all times.

With the brewery boom in our area, could we see similar kid curfews in Charlotte?

General Manager of Brewers at 4001 Yancey Chris DeCamp says their space is family friendly, but not all breweries have that vibe.

“Every establishment entitled to do what they want and it fits spaces differently, and I think everybody has got to come up with their own set of rules for how they’re going to operate,” says DeCamp.

Some say parents have the right to enjoy themselves too.

“I’m paying just as much money as they are for a beer, and the atmosphere. That I should be able to bring my kid wherever,” says parent Michael Whitney.

Others are less than thrilled to have kids around when they’re sipping a beer.

“If somebody is just trying to come out and enjoy a beer, you don’t want them running under your chair or table or nothing like that,” says a Belmont resident.

Charlotte City Council member Tariq Bokhari’s district includes many breweries. He says this is purely a business decision.

“I think that each one of these companies, the market, the demographics, going after what they’re trying to do and make that decision,” says Bokhari.