Wilson’s World: Meeting the Nation Ford High School InvenTeam

FORT MILL, S.C. –  Wilson was at Nation Ford High School in Fort Mill where he was learning a lot about just how special the school’s InvenTeam really is.  Only 15 schools in the country are a part of this special group.

The InvenTeam is made up of high school students, educators and mentors which receives a  $10,000 grant to invent technological solutions for the real world.  Wilson talked with some of the students, teachers and mentors who are part of the group and got to check out their invention and find out just how it worked.  The students in this group have been taking STEM classes and are excited to put their classes to real world use and eventually become engineers and scientists.

They are working hard to get their current invention, the Smart Nutrient Additive System, to MIT to be presented. It costs a lot to get these kids to MIT so they are looking for community support to get there.  This is very important to them as past InvenTeams from other schools have actually been able to get a patent for their invention.  If you would like to be part of helping these kids prepare for their future connect with Nation Ford High School at their website nfhs.fortmillschools.org.

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