Two Guns Found At CMS Campuses This Week

CHARLOTTE, NC —   Two guns found at Charlotte-Mecklenburg school campuses this week. That makes ten so far this year. The latest, at a middle school.  The superintendent tells WCCB  the district is looking at how to make middle schools safer.

Ranson Middle School went on lockdown Thursday morning. CMS says a student brought an unloaded gun on a school bus, then threw it in an outside trash can after they arrived at school.

A teenager brought a loaded gun to South Mecklenburg High School on Tuesday. It’s the first gun found on a CMS high school campus since the district started random security screenings last month in the wake of the deadly shooting at Butler High School. The district is using wands and walk through metal detectors to search students for weapons. They also search bags. These screenings are only happening in high schools.

“Are we going to think about middle schools, I guess we’re going to have to which is really a sad comment for all of us in this community,” says CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox.

WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich asked Dr. Wilcox if he thinks the district is doing enough to protect students:

He says,  “I think we are doing a lot, I don’t know if it’s enough until you don’t have any more guns, or knives, or pepper spray, until you don’t have any more bullying.”

CMS has added mental health counselors, upgraded entry locks and cameras, and teachers are going through active survival training.