Learn to be a better safe driver with these N Charlotte Toyota tips

N Charlotte Toyota tipsNo matter how much of a safe driver you consider yourself to be, you can always get better, right? There’s always opportunity to hone your skills and refresh your memory when it comes to staying safe out on the road. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help you do it; check out these 7 tips on how to be a better safe driver every time you get behind the wheel of your car.

Use these 7 tips to be a better safe driver

#1: Learn to merge correctly.

If you drive the highway at all, merging is a part of your day-to-day drive time. Learn how to do it well. Use your turn signal, check your blind spots, and move with the flow of traffic. Try to avoid going too slowly and holding everyone up, or driving too fast and cutting other drivers off.

#2: Park like a pro.

Parking is an essential skill for a safe driver. Know how to park your N Charlotte Toyota in perpendicular, parallel, and angled spots. Also know how to check the size of your spot to ensure your car can fit, and learn how to park in the middle (not on the lines) so you don’t hit other cars with your doors.

#3: Educate yourself on driving in challenging conditions.

Driving is challenging, but it’s even more challenging when you’re driving in bad conditions. Teach yourself to drive in snow, rain, icy conditions, high winds, mountainous roads, different terrains, and in heavy traffic. This way, you’re prepared for anything.

#4: Know your vehicle and its blind spots.

Every single vehicle on the road has blind spots, even our N Charlotte Toyotas. Learn where your vehicle’s blind spots are and remember to check each one before you make any movements on the road.

#5: Be a defensive driver.

Defensive driving is paramount to avoiding a car accident! It means being proactive and learning how to avoid accidents before they happen rather than just reacting to them as they’re taking place. Refresh your skills often and practice them daily.

#6: Don’t keep your hands at 10 and 2.

People used to recommend keeping your hands at 10 and 2, but it’s actually safer to keep them at 9 and 3 or even 8 and 4 for maximum control over your car. You should always have both hands on the wheel, too – do away with distractions.

#7: Know when to avoid driving.

You should know what situations to avoid driving in – for example, if you’re extremely fatigued or if you’ve been drinking. Know when it’s too dangerous to get behind the wheel!

Toyota of N Charlotte has the safety tech you’ve been looking for

Want more safe driver tips or want to explore all of the N Charlotte Toyota safety tech we’ve got on deck (like our blind spot monitors) Come down and see us! Toyota of N Charlotte is open seven days a week at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23. 

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