Panthers’ Ian Thomas on Rising to talk about Partnership with Autism Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — Carolina Panthers tight end Ian Thomas has joined forces with Autism Charlotte to help bring awareness to autism and the work the non-profit is doing to support local children with autism. His very 1st project with Autism Charlotte is helping with Couture for a Cause Fundraising event, March 29th, Mint Museum Uptown.

Ian is a rookie, drafted by the Panthers in the 4th round of 2017.  Ian is one of 9 siblings, and lost his mom at age 8 and dad at age 9. His 18-year-old brother took custody of he and two of his other siblings and “raised” them, under the guidance of an uncle. His uncle has a son who has autism. He and Ian grew up as brothers, and Ian was very protective of his cousin, who wasn’t always accepted by others.  As apart of this year’s NFL My Cleats My Cause Campaign, Ian supported autism in honor of his cousin.

Ian along with CEO of Autism Charlotte Valerie Iseah stopped by Rising to share their story and how you can get involved with Couture for a Cause.