Heated Protesters Outside Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Metro Division

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Dozens of heated protesters chanting outside Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Metro Division Tuesday evening. They believe a CMPD officer shot an innocent man. CMPD says there’s misinformation going around.

Emotions were running high as protesters walked from parking lot of the Burger King on Beatties Ford Road to the CMPD Metro Division. They believe 27-year-old Danquirs Franklin is an innocent man.

Police say Franklin walked into the fast food restaurant Monday morning, an employee called 911 saying that he had a gun and was threatening their coworkers. CMPD says officers found Franklin in the parking lot with a gun, and that officers repeatedly told him to put it down. When he didn’t, there was gunfire.

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney says officers perceived a lethal threat. Police say 23-year-veteran officer Wende Kerl shot Franklin.

CMPD recovered a gun at the scene. Witnesses saying Franklin didn’t have a gun and they shot the wrong man, fueling protesters.

CMPD gave WCCB the number of officer involved shootings over the years:

-In 2016 there were 12
-In 2017 there were 5
-In 2018 there were 5
This was the second one so far this year.

President of Team TruBlue Charlotte Donnell Gardner says he wants to see CMPD more involved in the community and something needs to change.

“I just want CMPD and the community to connect because were losing a lot of lives, potential leaders,” says Gardner.