Feline Crime Syndicate Thwarted!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A syndicate of felines accused of multiple claw-ful crimes including cat burglary, catnapping and catnip possession with intent to distri-cute, have been lap-prehended! A source fur-miliar with the o-purr-ation said “This is paw-sibly the biggest bust of it’s kind. These cats were furry smart yet purr-ty fur-tunate to avoid cat-ture fur all this time. This a-paw-ling behaviour has definitely been cur-tail-ed. Paw-ganized crime took a good lick-ing today.” One official added that they hope this gives paws for thought to others considering a similar path, “Don’t fur-get, the claw will cat-ch up with mew in the end.”

These cats already regret their actions and all has been fur-given and are available right meow to go to their fur-ever home. If you are interested in adopting one of these cats, visit the Animal Care and Control website now.