Faith and Community Leaders Working to Make Positive Difference After Police Shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The faith community is trying to make a positive difference after the release of body camera video in the police shooting of Danquirs Franklin.

Members of the Clergy Coalition for Justice met on Monday night at Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church. They split up and went to protest sites to talk with people and make sure things stayed peaceful.

“I think people need to be heard. I think people need to have an opportunity to express how they feel, what they’re seeing, what they’re experiencing,” says Dr. Dwyane Walker, pastor at Little Rock A.M.E. Zion.

He says pastors will be among protesters in the coming days.

“To speak peace and to be the presence of calm and to have an opportunity for people to voice their concerns,” Walker says.

His church is also hosting one of two community conversations with Chief Kerr Putney on Wednesday.

“Talk about the disparities that continue to exist. The numbers that continue to show how African-Americans are over-represented in police shootings in terms of those being killed,” Walker explains.

Walker met with the Chief, Mayor, and other faith leaders ahead of the video release. Community leaders want to prevent violence and riots seen after the Keith Scott shooting.

“We want our city to come together and love and show that we can all come together,” says Will Adams, with Team TruBlue.

Adams says that also means making sure there’s a fair process and people in the community get the answers they want.

“Right now the community is furious. But we as leaders of this community are saying, hey we still have to stick to our plan and continue doing the things that we’re doing that we know can bring the love and the hope back into this community,” Adams says.