Riverdale Rewind: CH 54 “Fear the Reaper”

The Farm adds another member to their sister-wifey clan and the Jones family has a Gargoyle-filled adventure

Chapter 54 of Riverdale was especially poignant in that it was Luke Perry’s last appearance as Fred Andrews before his death due to a stroke in March.  We were left with a final father-son scene between his character and Archie but have not yet learned how his character will be written off the show.  *SPOILERS* Our bet is that Fred is a casualty of the prison bus crash Veronica mentions at the end of the episode.  We’re left thinking that Hal Cooper has met his fate…but no one ever REALLY dies in Riverdale.

Episode *spoiler* highlights:

-Paging Mrs. Evernever…no, the other one.  That’s right, Edgar has got himself a little harem and Evelyn is actually *GASP* his 27 year old wife.  Sorry Alice, you’ll have to share.

-TONI WHYYYY!  Toni succumbs to the creepy, white-clad ways of The Farm.

-Keepin’ up with the Joneses – Mama Jones is gonna take her biz out of town, but Jughead, Sheriff FP and Jellybean will be sticking around the ‘dale.  Will FP lose his title?  Is Jellybean more involved in the Gargoyles Gang than it may appear?  And will Jughead finally figure out the Gargoyle King’s true identity?  Of course he will.  That’s his m.o.

-Hiram totes caused that bus crash.  Totes.  But, if our predictions are correct and that is Fred Andrews’ demise, Archie will reignite his hatred toward Papa Lodge.

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