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Riverdale Rewind CH: 57 "Survive the Night"

The Gargoyle King has been unmasked and so has the Black Hood...again.  Nomi and Jess had some big predictions this season and many of them actually panned out.  SPOILERS AHEAD.   Female villain - check and check.  Penelope Blossom may not have been wearing the Gargoyle mask, but she was orchestrating the madness.  Chic Cooper would return - Chic weirdo Cooper IS the Gargoyle King.  Poor actor didn't get much face time on the show - but maybe next season?  We got this prediction right... but we didn't guess the red hair.   Alice Cooper is undercover in The Farm - we abandoned this early on theory but we thought she might be doing a story on The Farm for an investigative piece for her paper.  We were half right there.  Turns out, mama's talkin' to the FBI!  But at the risk of her daughter's safety?  tsk tsk.  Convincing performance, though, Alice.  Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed level convincing.  Minus the weird Boston accent. Charles Cooper would be revealed - FINALLY.  Pretty much every episode this season we have wondered when he would appear.  His character's identity seemed to be the loose string from Season 2, as well as what happened to the imposter, Chic.  Charles, who is both Betty and Jughead's half brother, has been working with the FBI using Alice as an informant on the happenings of The Farm.  He's now recruiting Jughead and Betty for some help finding where the Farmies went to.  I like how they set up season 4 plot with this.  Looks like we'll see more of Charles' and Edgar's lovely faces next year.  And Evelyn.  Meh. Jason Blossom will be back - No one dies in soap operas.  And Riverdale, my friends, is one heck of a soap opera.  Jason is back as either or a corpse or a zombie...?  TBD. New plotlines for Season 4 are already in motion - the biggest being the flash forward to spring break senior year where a blood-covered Betty, Veronica and Archie are burning their clothes and Jughead's hat, vowing never to speak of what just happened.  BUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!?  We have not yet learned how the writers will write Luke Perry off the show.  I'm glad they didn't rush this plot point.  Hiram is framing Hermione and Veronica from inside the jailhouse.  Archie will continue the boxing gig *sigh* (we're a little tired of the boxing TBH).  Jughead and Betty are the new gumshoes for their half brother as they hunt down The Farm.  Is Hal Cooper really dead?  Is Jason Blossom alive-ish?  Will we continue past grade school with the adventures in Riverdale?  I guess we have a whole summer to wonder. Until then, follow Jess and Nomi and subscribe to Rivedale Rewind on iTunes, Stitcher or Googleplay.

Riverdale Rewind CH: 53 "Jawbreaker"

We're back from yet another Riverdale hiatus.  There are still so many loose ends to tie before the season ends but our biggest predictions: *SPOILERS* Edgar is really Alice Cooper's 'dead' son, Charles. The Gargoyle King is possible Penelope or Gladys. Archie is going to ruin his music/football career with his boxing career. Hal's gonna get sprung from jail and ruin the party for everyone. Jason Blossom is coming back cause no one dies in soap operas... and this, my friend, is one heck of a soap opera. Like our beautiful voices on this podcast?  Subscribe!

Riverdale Rewind CH: 52 "The Raid"

*Spoilers*  After last week's musical number, Riverdale is back on track pushing its multiple lingering plotlines forward.  We are introduced to the charismatic, yet creepy, Farm leader, Edgar Evernever.  Cheryl goes undercover to help Betty recover Cooper family secrets...but she quickly succumbs to the brainwashing arms of the farm.  Cheryl tells Betty that she's been able to see her dead twin, Jason, at The Farm.  Turns out, the cult has somehow been conjuring the dead relatives of its members for a little family bonding time.  Are we talking hallucinations here?  How is Mrs Cooper seeing Charles... and wait, we thought he was still alive? Archie and Veronica catch wind that Hiram's private prison will soon open and make a play to set Archie's fight club friends free before they get sucked back into a life of forced boxing.  They blackmail Governor Dooley into pardoning Mad Dog and Baby Teeth among others.  We're glad to see Mad Dog have more of an integral role in the show going forward, hopefully.  But he finds out that home has become a Fizzle Rocks drug den.   Archie and Jughead enlist the newly trained, junior deputy Serpents, to help raid what they believe is a drug lab of bad momma Gladys'.  A Daredevil-style, hallway fight scene ensues - I'll take a well coordinated battle over a musical number any day.  Sorry.    With a Lodge parent divorce pending, Veronica throws out some Sopranos (suggesting they wouldn't be the first mob boss to go to therapy) and Godfather (dead animal delivery) references in an attempt to get Hiram and Hermione to stay together.  They agree to forego the divorce...but it's not what Veronica expects. And we're left with another gruesome Gargoyle murder of Baby Teeth and still, many questions.  Who is the Gargoyle King?  Is The Farm connected?  Can we Postmates a Pops milkshake?.... 

Riverdale Rewind CH 51: Big Fun

The students of Riverdale have a flare for the dramatics and they channel it into a performance of Heathers: The Musical.  Director, Kevin, taps Farmie Evelyn as Co-Director and she uses her new platform to slyly recruit people to her cult.  The musical numbers span throughout the episode and Cole Sprouse even joins the Big Fun this time.  Archie and Josie address their romance via duet and Cheryl and Toni mend their troubled relationship with a big musical number.  But the most stirring part of the episode is the final scene where Chad Michael Murray's Edgar Evernever is revealed giving one creepy standing ovation with a slew of other Farmies in white.  Who is this mysterious cult leader and will Riverdale succumb to his charm?  Just Jess and Nomi break down Riverdale season 3 episode 16 on an all new Riverdale Rewind podcast.

Riverdale Rewind CH 50: American Dreams

Heartbreak and drama loom over Riverdale...but what's new, really? Pretty Poison power couple, Cheryl and Toni, are on the rocks.  Veggie has spoiled.  Reggie tries to appeal to boss babe Veronica who just is not having it today.  And Jughead has learned about his mob mom's true reason for returning to the 'dale.  With only 6 episodes left in season 3, lots of drama is still yet to unfold. Season 3 Episode 15 show the Jones now keeping up with all the others Jones and moving into the Cooper compound.  Creepy, yes.  And they even give Betty an invite to stay in her old room.  Nope.  The town celebrates FP's 50th birthday (aging like a fine wine, FP), but our heartstrings were tugged when Fred Andrews, played by the late Luke Perry, welcomed FP to the neighborhood.  All his scenes seem to feel so poignant now.  Tuesday, on The View, Cole Sprouse revealed that they will work Luke Perry's passing into the narrative of the show. And guess what?  *Surprise!* Next week is a musical episode!  Just Jess's faaavvorriitte (sarcasm).  Instead of talking through her problems, Cheryl charges her HBIC battery by staging a musical version of Heathers.  I guess sometimes you just have to express yourself through the art of song.

Riverdale Rewind CH 49: Fire Walk with Me

Riverdale Rewind podcast would like to send condolences to the family, friends and fans of Luke Perry.  We were never lucky enough to meet him, but from all accounts he sounds like a terrific human being and will truly be missed. In Riverdale Ch 49: Fire Walk with Me, we're introduced to a creepy new kid, Ricky.  If there's one thing I've learned from ample tv viewing it's that you never trust a rogue kid.  We see Kevin go deep into the land of the Farmies... (OK who is making us "Farmies" shirts, cause that's one heck of a nickname) and Betty goes full Dark Betty *SPOILERS* torching her nightmare on Elm St home and showing some interest in the mystical happenings of the farm cult.  Kevin and Evelyn turn to blackmail to try to prevent Betty from publishing a scathing article about the farm.  Will she publish it and risk letting her family secrets out?  The Serpent/Gargoyle Gang and Pretty Poisons stir up drama and there seems to be looming trouble in paradise for Toni and Cheryl.  Will this couple last the season? And Veronica turns her *not so* secret speakeasy into a casino as the battle for boss between Hiram and Gladys heats up.  How long will Gladys and Jellybean keep their secret mob life from FP and Jughead? Just Jess and Nomi break it all down on the latest episode of Riverdale Rewind.  Subscribe now!  

Riverdale Rewind CH 48: Requiem for a Welterweight

First of all, we want to send our thoughts to Papa Andrews, Luke Perry, who has suffered a stroke.  Here's to a full and speedy recovery! Oh Archiekins.  You've had a hard year.  Maybe getting punched in the face…

Riverdale Rewind: CH 47 "Bizzarodale"

Ok, we were right... Tall Boy was not the real Gargoyle King.  The Midnight Club is forced to reunite before Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller's wedding to finish the ascension night they started decades ago.  This episode reveals yet ANOTHER weirdo willing to don the mask of the gargoyles but is it too early in the season wrap up this mystery in a pretty bow?  Is there still another Gargoyle King from days of yore at large?  Perchance... it is Bizarrodale after all.  Toni and Cheryl set their sights on helping Kevin and Moose become an out couple and cause some chaos along the way.  And Cheryl sets Toni up with a new gang, the Pretty Poisons (sigh).  I would have rather seen her go back to the leathered arms of the Serpents. Plus things between our two favorite songbirds, Josie and Archie, heat up.  But their romance could be short-lived because actress Ashleigh Murray is set to lead the Riverdale spinoff, 'Katy Keene,' in another city.  (Admittedly, I think it will be nice for her character, Josie, to have more content to work with, so I'm happy to see her bounce.) And in an interesting twist, Jughead's mom, Gladys, and sister, Jellybean, have returned to town to stay and presumably stirr up trouble with the Lodge family.  Side note:  Where was FP's longterm beau, Gladys, during the Midnight Club's shenanigans?

Riverdale Rewind: CH 45 "The Stranger"

The most important thing to take away from this episode of Riverdale Rewind is that they just don't make show opens like they used to... re:  Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. Now THAT'S a show intro.  But we digress... (listen to the podcast to understand this reference).  Chapter 45 'The Stranger' moves along at lightning pace.  The Gargoyle King is revealed... or is he?  FP gets a new gig, Archie flaunts a new 'do and Ronnie a new boo.  Plus Betty's parents are the worst.  Per usual.  We break it all down on Riverdale Rewind! Special shout out to our sponsor, Scott Clark Auto Group! Follow us:  @JustJessWCCB @NomiBurton

Riverdale Rewind: CH 42 - The Man in Black

Listen, we love Archie.  But sometimes, he's kinda a dummy.  *SPOILERS*  Archie and Jughead's incredible journey continues on as they totally blow it at the farm house.  We uncover the identity of the Man in Black... (I mean, who didn't guess this one?)  Veronica raises the stakes in an attempt to keep La Belle Nuit afloat.  Meanwhile, Betty is still clutched in the grasp of the Sisters of Quiet Creepy Mercy.  Just Jess and Nomi try to unwind the tightly raveled mystery of the Gargoyle King on this week's episode of Riverdale Rewind.  Subscribe now on iTunes, Stitcher and GooglePlay.