Riverdale Rewind: CH 57 “Survive the Night”

Season 3 of Riverdale comes to an end but the story continues...

The Gargoyle King has been unmasked and so has the Black Hood…again.  Nomi and Jess had some big predictions this season and many of them actually panned out.  SPOILERS AHEAD.

  1.  Female villain – check and check.  Penelope Blossom may not have been wearing the Gargoyle mask, but she was orchestrating the madness.
  2.  Chic Cooper would return – Chic weirdo Cooper IS the Gargoyle King.  Poor actor didn’t get much face time on the show – but maybe next season?  We got this prediction right… but we didn’t guess the red hair.
  3. Alice Cooper is undercover in The Farm – we abandoned this early on theory but we thought she might be doing a story on The Farm for an investigative piece for her paper.  We were half right there.  Turns out, mama’s talkin’ to the FBI!  But at the risk of her daughter’s safety?  tsk tsk.  Convincing performance, though, Alice.  Leonardo DiCaprio in The Departed level convincing.  Minus the weird Boston accent.
  4. Charles Cooper would be revealed – FINALLY.  Pretty much every episode this season we have wondered when he would appear.  His character’s identity seemed to be the loose string from Season 2, as well as what happened to the imposter, Chic.  Charles, who is both Betty and Jughead’s half brother, has been working with the FBI using Alice as an informant on the happenings of The Farm.  He’s now recruiting Jughead and Betty for some help finding where the Farmies went to.  I like how they set up season 4 plot with this.  Looks like we’ll see more of Charles’ and Edgar’s lovely faces next year.  And Evelyn.  Meh.
  5. Jason Blossom will be back – No one dies in soap operas.  And Riverdale, my friends, is one heck of a soap opera.  Jason is back as either or a corpse or a zombie…?  TBD.

New plotlines for Season 4 are already in motion – the biggest being the flash forward to spring break senior year where a blood-covered Betty, Veronica and Archie are burning their clothes and Jughead’s hat, vowing never to speak of what just happened.  BUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!?  We have not yet learned how the writers will write Luke Perry off the show.  I’m glad they didn’t rush this plot point.  Hiram is framing Hermione and Veronica from inside the jailhouse.  Archie will continue the boxing gig *sigh* (we’re a little tired of the boxing TBH).  Jughead and Betty are the new gumshoes for their half brother as they hunt down The Farm.  Is Hal Cooper really dead?  Is Jason Blossom alive-ish?  Will we continue past grade school with the adventures in Riverdale?  I guess we have a whole summer to wonder.

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