Riverdale Rewind: CH 51 “Big Fun”

Ready your jazz hands, Riverdale takes us on another musical ride...with a very creepy standing ovation.

The students of Riverdale have a flare for the dramatics and they channel it into a performance of Heathers: The Musical.  Director, Kevin, taps Farmie Evelyn as Co-Director and she uses her new platform to slyly recruit people to her cult.  The musical numbers span throughout the episode and Cole Sprouse even joins the Big Fun this time.  Archie and Josie address their romance via duet and Cheryl and Toni mend their troubled relationship with a big musical number.  But the most stirring part of the episode is the final scene where Chad Michael Murray’s Edgar Evernever is revealed giving one creepy standing ovation with a slew of other Farmies in white.  Who is this mysterious cult leader and will Riverdale succumb to his charm?  Just Jess and Nomi break down Riverdale season 3 episode 16 on an all new Riverdale Rewind podcast.