Riverdale Rewind: CH 52 “The Raid”

Cheryl & Betty meet charismatic Farm leader, Edgar Evernever - Just Jess & Nomi break down Riverdale S3E17

*Spoilers*  After last week’s musical number, Riverdale is back on track pushing its multiple lingering plotlines forward.  We are introduced to the charismatic, yet creepy, Farm leader, Edgar Evernever.  Cheryl goes undercover to help Betty recover Cooper family secrets…but she quickly succumbs to the brainwashing arms of the farm.  Cheryl tells Betty that she’s been able to see her dead twin, Jason, at The Farm.  Turns out, the cult has somehow been conjuring the dead relatives of its members for a little family bonding time.  Are we talking hallucinations here?  How is Mrs Cooper seeing Charles… and wait, we thought he was still alive?

Archie and Veronica catch wind that Hiram’s private prison will soon open and make a play to set Archie’s fight club friends free before they get sucked back into a life of forced boxing.  They blackmail Governor Dooley into pardoning Mad Dog and Baby Teeth among others.  We’re glad to see Mad Dog have more of an integral role in the show going forward, hopefully.  But he finds out that home has become a Fizzle Rocks drug den.

Archie and Jughead enlist the newly trained, junior deputy Serpents, to help raid what they believe is a drug lab of bad momma Gladys’.  A Daredevil-style, hallway fight scene ensues – I’ll take a well coordinated battle over a musical number any day.  Sorry.

With a Lodge parent divorce pending, Veronica throws out some Sopranos (suggesting they wouldn’t be the first mob boss to go to therapy) and Godfather (dead animal delivery) references in an attempt to get Hiram and Hermione to stay together.  They agree to forego the divorce…but it’s not what Veronica expects.

And we’re left with another gruesome Gargoyle murder of Baby Teeth and still, many questions.  Who is the Gargoyle King?  Is The Farm connected?  Can we Postmates a Pops milkshake?….

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