Riverdale Rewind

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Riverdale Rewind CH 49: "Fire Walk with Me"

In Riverdale Ch 49: Fire Walk with Me, we're introduced to a creepy new kid, Ricky.  If there's one thing I've learned from ample TV viewing it's that you never trust a rogue kid.  And we see Kevin go deep into the land of the Farmies...

Riverdale Rewind: CH 47 "Bizzarodale"

Ok, we were right... Tall Boy was not the real Gargoyle King.  The Midnight Club is forced to reunite before Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller's wedding to finish the ascension night they started decades ago.  This episode reveals yet ANOTHER weirdo willing to don the mask of the gargoyles but is it too early in the season wrap up this mystery in a pretty bow?

Riverdale Rewind: CH 45 "The Stranger"

The most important thing to take away from this episode of Riverdale Rewind is that they just don't make show opens like they used to... re:  Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. Now THAT'S a show intro.  But we digress...

Riverdale Rewind: CH 42 "The Man in Black"

Listen, we love Archie.  But sometimes, he's kinda a dummy.  *SPOILERS*  Archie and Jughead's incredible journey continues on as they totally blow it at the farm house.  We uncover the identity of the Man in Black... (I mean, who didn't guess this one?)  Veronica raises the stakes in an attempt to keep La Belle Nuit afloat.  Meanwhile, Betty is still clutched in the grasp of the Sisters of Quiet Creepy Mercy.  Just Jess and Nomi try to unwind the tightly raveled mystery of the Gargoyle King on this week's episode of Riverdale Rewind.  Subscribe now on iTunes, Stitcher and GooglePlay.

Riverdale Rewind: CH 41 "Manhunter"

The wild ride continues *SPOILERS* as Archie hits the road, Veronica lands herself behind bars and Betty bunks up with the Sisters.  Just Jess and Nomi try getting to the bottom of what connection Evelyn Evernever has on all those suspicious seizures happening in Riverdale.  Plus Nomi stirs up the haterade with a suggestion about Bughead. 

Riverdale Rewind: CH 40 "The Great Escape"

Four thumbs up from the very biased Riverdale Rewind hosts, Nomi & Jess, for Ch 40, "The Great Escape."  Strong writing deepened the mystery of how expansive the Gryphons and Gargoyles game truly is.  Just Jess and Nomi dig into who could be the Gargoyle King, what new gang Joaquin is joining, if the Black Hood is returning in a future chapter and why Veronica is only selling mocktails and expecting make a profit.  So many questions until Riverdale returns from its Thanksgiving hiatus on November 28th.

Riverdale Rewind: CH 39 "The Midnight Club"

We travel far, far back to a time before cell phones and when Taylor Swift was but a toddler.  The year is 1992 and the parents of Riverdale are high schoolers... getting into as much shenanigans in the 90s as they are in 2018.  Will they ever learn?  *sigh*  Alice Cooper tells the tale of how the game of Gryphons and Gargoyles changed their lives but Just Jess and Nomi have a lot of questions as to where the game actually originated.  Listen now on the latest episode of Riverdale Rewind.

Riverdale Rewind: CH 38 "As Above, So Below"

Gargoyles and Jingle Jangle and Fight Clubs oh my! Just Jess and Nomi break down the latest mysterious episode of Riverdale. *Spoilers* Is the Gargoyle King a hallucination? Who is Edgar Evernever? Will the prison fight club be the downfall of Hiram Lodge? What would Nomi change her college major to?... That's irrelevant. OR IS IT? Is Nomi the Gargoyle King? Find out on a Dayquil-induced episode of Riverdale Rewind brought to you by Scott Clark Auto Group! Follow us: Nomi: @nomiburton Jess: @justjesswccb

Riverdale Rewind: CH 37 "Fortune & Men's Eyes"

Season 3 has created some interestingly creepy plot lines so far. Gargoyle Kings, prison fight clubs, a cult and a secret pact amongst parents... it's gonna be a wild season! Nomi & Jess break the latest episode.

Riverdale Rewind Returns: CH 36 "Labor Day"

Did we all survive the Riverdale hiatus?  Ok, good.  Just Jess and Nomi are back in action with the Riverdale Rewind podcast breaking down the season 3 premiere.  A lot of weird stuff happened at the end of the episode... we're still processing it.  But the only thing that REALLY matters - Bughead still goin strong.   Thank you, always, to our sponsor, Scott Clark. Sign and Drive today at any Scott Clark Dealership -- Scott Clark Toyota, Scott Clark Honda and Scott Clark Nissan.