Riverdale Rewind: CH 47 “Bizzarodale”

Wedding bells and Gargoyle Kings...


Ok, we were right… Tall Boy was not the real Gargoyle King.  The Midnight Club is forced to reunite before Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller’s wedding to finish the ascension night they started decades ago.  This episode reveals yet ANOTHER weirdo willing to don the mask of the gargoyles but is it too early in the season wrap up this mystery in a pretty bow?  Is there still another Gargoyle King from days of yore at large?  Perchance… it is Bizarrodale after all.  Toni and Cheryl set their sights on helping Kevin and Moose become an out couple and cause some chaos along the way.  And Cheryl sets Toni up with a new gang, the Pretty Poisons (sigh).  I would have rather seen her go back to the leathered arms of the Serpents.

Plus things between our two favorite songbirds, Josie and Archie, heat up.  But their romance could be short-lived because actress Ashleigh Murray is set to lead the Riverdale spinoff, ‘Katy Keene,’ in another city.  (Admittedly, I think it will be nice for her character, Josie, to have more content to work with, so I’m happy to see her bounce.)

And in an interesting twist, Jughead’s mom, Gladys, and sister, Jellybean, have returned to town to stay and presumably stirr up trouble with the Lodge family.  Side note:  Where was FP’s longterm beau, Gladys, during the Midnight Club’s shenanigans?

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