Riverdale Rewind: CH 50 “American Dreams”

Heartbreak, drama and parental problems - the Riverdale Rewind podcast breaks down Riverdale S3E15

Heartbreak and drama loom over Riverdale…but what’s new, really?

Pretty Poison power couple, Cheryl and Toni, are on the rocks.  Veggie has spoiled.  Reggie tries to appeal to boss babe Veronica who just is not having it today.  And Jughead has learned about his mob mom’s true reason for returning to the ‘dale.  With only 6 episodes left in season 3, lots of drama is still yet to unfold.

Season 3 Episode 15 show the Jones now keeping up with all the others Jones and moving into the Cooper compound.  Creepy, yes.  And they even give Betty an invite to stay in her old room.  Nope.  The town celebrates FP’s 50th birthday (aging like a fine wine, FP), but our heartstrings were tugged when Fred Andrews, played by the late Luke Perry, welcomed FP to the neighborhood.  All his scenes seem to feel so poignant now.  Tuesday, on The View, Cole Sprouse revealed that they will work Luke Perry’s passing into the narrative of the show.

And guess what?  *Surprise!* Next week is a musical episode!  Just Jess’s faaavvorriitte (sarcasm).  Instead of talking through her problems, Cheryl charges her HBIC battery by staging a musical version of Heathers.  I guess sometimes you just have to express yourself through the art of song.

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