Riverdale Rewind CH 49: “Fire Walk with Me”

RIP Luke Perry. Riverdale Rewind podcast will miss seeing you as Fred Andrews.

Riverdale Rewind podcast would like to send condolences to the family, friends and fans of Luke Perry.  We were never lucky enough to meet him, but from all accounts he sounds like a terrific human being and will truly be missed.

In Riverdale Ch 49: Fire Walk with Me, we’re introduced to a creepy new kid, Ricky.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from ample tv viewing it’s that you never trust a rogue kid.  We see Kevin go deep into the land of the Farmies… (OK who is making us “Farmies” shirts, cause that’s one heck of a nickname) and Betty goes full Dark Betty *SPOILERS* torching her nightmare on Elm St home and showing some interest in the mystical happenings of the farm cult.  Kevin and Evelyn turn to blackmail to try to prevent Betty from publishing a scathing article about the farm.  Will she publish it and risk letting her family secrets out?

The Serpent/Gargoyle Gang and Pretty Poisons stir up drama and there seems to be looming trouble in paradise for Toni and Cheryl.  Will this couple last the season?

And Veronica turns her *not so* secret speakeasy into a casino as the battle for boss between Hiram and Gladys heats up.  How long will Gladys and Jellybean keep their secret mob life from FP and Jughead?

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