Riverdale Rewind: CH 48 “Requiem for a Welterweight”

Archie needs to be on concussion protocol. And we have an interesting theory about Edgar Evernever's true identity...

First of all, we want to send our thoughts to Papa Andrews, Luke Perry, who has suffered a stroke.  Here’s to a full and speedy recovery!

Oh Archiekins.  You’ve had a hard year.  Maybe getting punched in the face for a hobby is ill advised?  But what do we know.  There is one moment of magic, though, involving Alice Cooper.  And no… (SPOILERS) it’s not when Betty’s saves her life after near-drowning at The Farm.  It’s how the costume department transformed her 80s monstrosity wedding gown into a somewhat fashionable frock.  Well done.  You’re the true MVPs of Riverdale Ch 48 (Season 3 episode 13).

Just Jess & Nomi Burton each have interesting theories about Alice’s involvement with The Farm.  Plus, we talk about the future of Cheryl & Toni’s relationship and if Gladys will take over as crime overlord of the ‘dale.   Subscribe to Riverdale Rewind podcast so you don’t miss an episode!  Who would want to miss hearing Nomi & Jess blab for 30 mins?  Not I.

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