NC Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against E-Cigarette Maker JUUL

RALEIGH, NC — Attorney General Josh Stein filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the popular e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL for allegedly designing, marketing and selling its product to attract young people. The lawsuit also accuses JUUL of “misrepresenting the potency and danger of nicotine in its products.”

The North Carolina AG says the practices violate North Carolina’s Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

“JUUL targeted young people as customers. As a result, vaping has become an epidemic among minors,” says AG Stein. “JUUL’s business practices are not only reckless, they’re illegal. And I intend to put a stop to them. We cannot allow another generation of young people to become addicted to nicotine.”

The complaint filed against JUUL says the company “designed flavors, the product and its chemical composition to appeal to young people,” while also marketing the products to youth via social media platforms, influencers and other youth-oriented sponsors.

You can read the full complaint here: NC V Juul Summary

JUUL has also “routinely understated the strength of nicotine in its products and downplayed their health risks,” according to the complaint.

Attorney General Stein said in statement Wednesday afternoon that he is “requesting the court to require JUUL to cease selling e-cigarettes to minors in North Carolina, limit the flavors sold in the state, stop advertising and marketing practices that are intended to or likely to appeal to minors, and delete all customer data for customers whom JUUL cannot confirm are at least 18.” The AG also seeks civil penalties, disgorgement of JUUL’s profits from its unfair and deceptive practices to the state, and other fees and costs.

North Carolina is the first state to file legal action against JUUL.

For more information on the lawsuit, click HERE.