The Snark: Kardashian Camping, Nat & Liv, Plagiarized Speech, No Straws, and a Battle Over the Norht Pole

It's not the news...It's the Snark Report with Derek James!


Note to viewers….The Snark Report is not the News!  And a big Hello to our youngest view Rusty.

On KUWTK  North wants to go camping with her mom…that should make for a great episode!

On the new reality show Relatively Nat & Liv (this one thanks to Canada) the family finds out exactly what their grandmother thought about their Mom.

Bad enough to plagiarize a speech, but one from Ashton Kutcher?

No more plastic straws at restaurants in Oregon.

A battle is brewing over the ownership of the North Pole.  Derek is sure that Santa and Rudolph can settle that dispute.

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