Undocumented Immigrant Returned To Meck County Jail After Federal Warrants Issued

The Latest:

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office says Luis Pineda-Anchecta was returned to the Mecklenburg County Detention Center after federal officials issued a federal warrant on Thursday.

In a release Thursday afternoon, Sheriff McFadden thanked federal officials for their support and says he looks forward to a collaborative working relationship.

“Issuing criminal warrants and not detainers is a step in the right direction in keeping the community safe,” says McFadden.

Pineda-Anchecta’s first appearance is scheduled for Monday at 10am. Officials say he now faces federal charges.

Original Story (June 5, 2019):

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sheriff Garry McFadden defended himself and his office Wednesday after criticism from ICE and the local U.S. Attorney’s Office.

“Professionals do not do that. Pointing fingers and shifting the blame solely, solely on the Sheriff’s Office here in Mecklenburg County,” McFadden said during a news conference.

Critics say the Sheriff’s decision to end the 287(g) program led to a suspect being released back into the community.

Luis Pineda-Ancheta is accused of domestic violence, including assault by strangulation.

He was released twice from the jail, on May 17th and June 1st, despite ICE placing detainers on him.

After getting out the first time, he allegedly assaulted the victim again, leading to a SWAT standoff on May 23rd.

McFadden says it’s the judge who decides what bond to set, and he will only hold inmates who have a federal warrant.

“A detainer is not signed by a judicial official. It is only singed by an ICE officer,” McFadden said.

The Sheriff says the burden is on ICE and U.S. Attorneys to act if they don’t want potentially dangerous suspects to bond out.

“Why am I wrongfully being blamed for the burden, which is very huge?” McFadden asked.

He says he ended the 287(g) program because it leads to distrust in the community.

ICE Field Director Sean Gallagher says he, “…warned Mecklenburg’s non-cooperation policy would result in preventable crimes of violence… sadly, but predictably, this has now taken place.”

The Sheriff says he does cooperate with ICE on everything that’s legally required – including reporting undocumented immigrants charged with a felony or DWI.

ICE did eventually track down that suspect, Pienda-Ancheta and arrested him on immigration violations.