Salisbury Woman Accused Of Putting Eye Drops In Fiance’s Drink Says Idea Came From “Wedding Crashers”

SALISBURY, NC — A Rowan County woman says she wanted to make her fiance sick by putting eye drops in his drink. She says she got the idea from the movie “Wedding Crashers.”

Jaymee Cruz’s fiance, David Lane, reported the incident to authorities late Saturday night. Lane says he caught Cruz putting Visine eye drops in his can of Coke and confronted her.

After an argument, Lane reportedly locked himself and their 6-month-old daughter in the bedroom and called 911.

Responding deputies say Cruz initially denied putting anything in his drink, but later admitted to crime. Cruz claimed that she wanted to make Lane sick the following day so she and their daughter could move out of the Grandeur Drive home without fear of him stopping her.

Cruz said she got the idea while watching a scene in the movie “Wedding Crashers.”

Deputies say Cruz was taken into custody and a magistrate found probable cause for a felony charge of any noxious or deleterious substance, material or article which might be injurious to a person’s health or might cause a person an physical discomfort.