Would You Date Someone Your Friends Or Family Hated?

CHARLOTTE, NC — Letting your friends set you up seems to be the latest growing trend in dating.

The Washington Post just put out a lifestyle article that featured an event at a D.C. bar called “Pitch a Friend.” They say “It’s like shark tank, but for your single friends.”

The friends used Powerpoint presentations—literally—on a giant projector screen in the bar.

There were 12 bachelors and bachelorettes. Each pitch was three minutes, followed by a question and answer segment.

It actually worked for some people, including one guy who had five women approach him after his friend pitched him.

Pitch a friend night isn’t the only dating experience centered on wingmen and women.

As the post article reports, a dating app called ‘Ship’ lets users invite friends to swipe through profiles and chat on their behalf.

There are also Facebook groups, including one called “Subtle Asian Dating”, that allows users to showcase their friends with pictures, personality descriptions and links to their social media accounts.

Why? The post writes that it’s natural for people to feel more comfortable meeting someone who is approved or vetted by another person.

The flip side of all of this is our EDGE Question of the Night: Would you date someone your friends or family hated?