Gaston Co. Mom Warns Parents About “Santa Call & Text You” App

DALLAS, N.C. –  A Gaston County mom is warning parents about a phone app she worries could be used to lure children.

Her 8-year-old daughter used an app called “Santa Call & Text You.” But the family called police after finding out what “Santa” was texting back.

Ashley Adams says daughter loves Christmas. “She is Christmas all year long,” Adams says.

So the girl’s dad let her download the app last week. But when she started texting the so-called “Santa,” her dad noticed red flags right away.

“He was sitting right next to her. And she said, ‘Hey’ with a heart and it automatically went and responded, ‘What are you wearing?'” Adams says.

She says the girl’s dad immediately took the phone away and started texting “Santa” himself.

“He kept on asking, ‘Why do you want to know what my child is wearing? I’m going to report you to the police,'” Adams says.

Adams says when Dallas, North Carolina police arrived they began texting “Santa” to see if he might try to lure the child somewhere.

“Some of the responses were more like generic responses but then you got to the end of it and Santa Claus, this Santa Claus, asked how old you were and it said 8 again, well you’re too young for me,” Adams says.

She says while it appears the person behind the “Santa Call & Text You” app could be in another country, she wants to warn parents.

“It makes me sick to my stomach to feel that there’s someone out there who would use something so precious as Santa to target children,” Adams says.

She says the experience left her daughter afraid of Santa and she wants the app shut down.