Wilson’s World: Discovering Space at Discovery Place Science in Uptown Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson gets a little dorky when he talks about space, so his major dork side came out big time today when he visited Discovery Place Science in Uptown Charlotte.

Joining Wilson was Ben Pulley and Mandy Kendall , with Discovery Place Science who performed a few hands on experiments with Wilson that visitors to the museum can enjoy.  Wilson even had fun launching a rocket.

Thru September Discovery Place Science will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon as well as all things space with new and exciting activities each month.  Find out more about Discovery Place Science and all of their intergalactic adventures on their website HERE.

Discovery Place Science isn’t our only Museum living in outer space this month. Be sure to check out the fun space-related activities taking place at Discovery Place Nature, Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville and Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham, too.

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