DA’s Report Gives Detail About Events Prior To Burger King Shooting; Family Responds

The family of Danquirs Franklin has released a statement following the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s decision not to file charges against the officer who shot and killed him on March 25th, 2019.

“Danquirs Franklin should be alive today. As those who knew him well, we were disappointed by the District Attorney’s assessment of the circumstances of his death, and utterly dismayed at the way in which Danquirs Franklin has been portrayed.

The investigation never uncovered the betrayal that so upset Danquirs that day. And the public does not understand that when the police arrived, the situation had already calmed, several witnesses had seen Danquirs put the gun away, and his hands were clasped in prayer with the store manager whom he had just tearfully embraced before
police arrived.

The police then shot Danquirs because he followed their repeated instructions to reach into his pocket to retrieve the gun and drop it to the ground. He was shot for doing what he was told to do.

The public needs to understand some facts lost in the coverage of the shooting and of the District Attorney’s decision last week not to charge the officer.”


CHARLOTTE, NC –  The Mecklenburg County District attorney will not file charges against the officer who shot and killed Danquirs Franklin. The shooting happened on March 25th, 2019 in the parking lot of the Burger King on Beatties Ford Rd.

The officer, Wende Kerl is on paid administrative leave while CMPD investigates whether she followed department policy and protocol.

According to the District Attorney’s report, witnesses told police of chaos in the moments leading up the shooting.

They said he was “in a rage” and “irate” as he jumped on the restaurant counter, and chased a man through the kitchen. Images from surveillance video show Franklin push the mother of his child and then pull a gun and point it at the man running away.
The mother of Franklin’s two children is a burger king employee. She told police that Franklin called her before he showed up and threatened to kill her and her new boyfriend that day. She warned her manager and told him to lock the doors and call 911 if Franklin showed up.

Her boyfriend is also a Burger King employee and is the man running from Franklin in these pictures.

Officer Wende Kerl was unaware of those details as she pulled up the scene. According to the DA’s report, she was told there was a man who pointed a gun at an employee inside the restaurant and had also threatened a person in the drive-through.

When police arrived, Franklin was in the parking lot crouched down next to a car. The Burger King general manager sitting in the passenger seat later told police that Franklin appeared to be “just in a daze.”

The manager says he prayed with Franklin shortly before police arrived and that Franklin reached “very slowly” for the gun in his jacket pocket.  According to the DA’s report, the manager says the barrel of the gun was pointed at the ground when Franklin was shot. Kerl stated to police that she did not see where the barrel of the gun was pointing.

Officer Larry Deal was also on the scene. He did not fire his weapon. Deal is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. He was not wearing his body camera that day. According to the DA’s report, Deal told police that he left his body camera on his traffic vest, which he had used the night before.

The entire report can be found HERE.