Sanitary Sewer Overflow In Union County

MONROE, NC – A sanitary sewer overflow occurred within the Union County sewer system Friday.

The overflow was not of the magnitude to cause immediate danger to human health or the environment.

All pipes, pumps, and equipment were operating properly prior to the overflow.

The sewer overflow was the result of large amounts of heavy rain that produced flooding, which caused storm water to enter the sanitary sewer system.

The sanitary sewer overflow occurred off Sardis Church Road near Indian Trail.

The overflow began around 9:15 pm lasting until approximately 1:15am August 24th.

The overflow was estimated at 6,750 gallons of waste water entering Crooked Creek.

Union County has an ongoing program to identify and reduce storm water entry into the sanitary sewer system.

The overflow has been reported to the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management.

For additional information, contact the Union County Public Works Department at 704-296-4210.