Ready With Rising: Top 5 Stories Of The Day

Today’s Election Day for the 9th District Re-Do

The last undecided contest of the 20-18 election cycle could be settled with North Carolina’s 9th District re-do.  Republican Dan Bishop is facing off against Democrat Dan McCready today.  The state ordered up a new election after allegations of ballot fraud emerged during last November’s race.  Polls are open now until 7:30 tonight.

Lost Crew Members Rescued from Overturned Ship

The final four crew members, trapped inside a cargo ship off the Georgia coast are safe.  The ship overturned early Sunday morning and caught fire.
The Coast Guard rescued 20 crew members a few hours later, but could not find the other four.  Rescuers eventually pulled all four to safety yesterday after drilling a hole in the ship.  The NTSB is looking into what caused the ship to capsize.

FDA Gives E-Cigarette Maker Ultimatum

The FDA says Juul has two weeks to show evidence that it’s vaping products are safer alternatives to cigarettes.   The FDA says the e-cigarette maker is illegally marketing its products.  It ordered Juul Monday to change its marketing or face fines or even seizure of its products.

Attorney’s General Investigating Google

A group of 50 attorneys general, including North Carolina’s, is opening an investigation into Google.  It will look into the tech giant’s advertising business, and anti-competitive behavior. If Google is found to have broken U-S anti trust rules, the company could be forced to separate parts of its business.

Wendy’s About To Start Serving Breakfast

Wendy’s is officially going all in on the breakfast bandwagon.  The company announced that next year, breakfast will be served at all locations across the country.  The company predicts to spend about 20 million dollars to serve breakfast nationwide.