5 Things to Know: September 16th

Democratic Candidates Calling for Impeachment of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh
Third The battle over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is re-ignited this morning. A number of democratic presidential candidates are calling for his impeachment after new sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh surfaced in a New York Times article.  Kavanaugh was confirmed one year ago after emotional hearings over a sexual assault allegation from his high school years.  The Times now reporting Kavanaugh faced another allegation from college that the FBI did not investigate. The paper also saying the woman in question declined to be interviewed, and friends say she does not recall the incident.
New York Governor Banning Flavored E-cigs
Amid growing national health concerns about vaping, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is taking action.  He is proposing banning the sale of flavored e-cigarettes to minors.  One of the largest makers of e-cigs, Juul Labs says it has already stopped selling most flavored products in traditional retail stores.
Trump Administration Thinking Contemplating Retaliation for Strikes on Saudi Arabian Oil Fields.
President Trump, the secretary of state and other U-S leaders say Iran is responsible for a weekend attack on a Saudi Arabian oil field.  The President also saying the country is “locked and loaded” depending on verification for a possible response.  The strikes knocked out about 5 percent of the world’s daily global oil supply.  President Trump authorizing the use of oil from the nation’s emergency reserve to combat a spike in gas prices.
Walmart Offering Money to Recycle Car Seat
Walmart’s first car seat recycling even starts today.  The retail giant will give you a 30 dollar gift card if you recycle an old car seat.  Walmart is following Target’s similar trade-in program that would keep car seats out of landfills.
Hurricane Humberto Lingering Off the Atlantic Coast
Humberto now a category one hurricane.  The storm is expected to turn east and head out to sea, but officials warn to be careful at beaches along the Carolina, Georgia and Florida coasts because of dangerous rip tides.