Thief Steals Local Foster Mom’s Van

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Lisa Harrington’s home, her life, is devoted to foster kids. She and her husband have fostered 33 kids over the past ten years. She displays their pictures proudly on a family tree painted on the wall. Right now, she has three foster children: ages 1, 3 and 6.

She wanted to take them to the park Saturday morning, and walked out to her driveway. She says, “My van was not there,” and, “My first thought was my car seats!”

Harrington’s white 2018 Honda Odyssey Elite, with a purple monogram and butterflies on the rear window, was gone – stolen – right out of her driveway. Her kids, sleeping just feet away. Harrington says, “I’ve been really creeped out about it every since.”

The van isn’t just a vehicle for Harrington: it’s vital for her foster work. She says, “Having a van is a tool that gives me the opportunity to say ‘yes’ when that phone call comes.”

Insurance only covered rental of a small sedan, so Harrington is paying out of pocket to rent another van for now. She has temporarily borrowed car seats for her kids. And she’ll get outside security cameras. A neighbor’s camera caught grainy video of the van driving away the night it was stolen – which police have said is of no use.

“You don’t think something like this is gonna happen to you,” she says.

Harrington and her husband can’t park in their garage because they use it to store clothing and supplies for kids of every age. She says, “I’d just like to have my van back. I mean, I wanna be able to take care of my kids.”

WCCB contacted Britax; a company rep tells us they are happy to donate new car seats to Harrington. She should have them this week. As for the van, right now she is waiting to see if police find it and what her insurance will cover.