Sunny, Warm Start to Weekend

The warm and dry trend continues to close out the week.


Sunny skies and comfy highs are sticking around with us as we close out the first full week of October. Temperatures this afternoon in the lower 80s (70s in the mountains) will be about 5-10° above average, but with next-to-no humidity, we won’t mind it at all. A stable, dry air mass has made itself at home over the Carolinas, which leaves us with pleasant conditions across the WCCB viewing area. While we would normally welcome this beautiful weather, the drought does continue to worsen. In fact, extreme (level 4 out of 5) drought has crept into York and Chester counties in South Carolina, as much of the area Charlotte and southward has not seen significant rain in roughly 50 days. A weak cold front moves through on Sunday, which will bring clouds and slightly cooler temperatures along with it, but not much in terms of significant rainfall.

Today: Sunny and warm. High: 81°. Wind: Light.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Nice. Low: 56°. Wind: Light.

Saturday: Few clouds. Another warm one. High: 82°. Wind: SW 5-10.

Saturday Night: Clouds roll in. Slight chance for a light shower. Low: 60°. Wind: Light.

Sunday: Cloudy with widely scattered showers. High: 77. Wind: SW 5-10.