Wilson’s World: Learning About Terrors of the Past at the Charlotte Museum of History

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – What a better time to explore the terrors of the past than at Halloween?  Wilson was doing just that this morning at the Charlotte Museum of History on Shamrock Avenue.  He was joined by members of the museum to learn more about their upcoming event Terrors of the Past: Escape from “Devil Charlie.”

On Friday, October 25th, the Charlotte Museum of History will explore one of the most chilling crimes of the 18th century…the mysterious death of Polly Alexander.  Did her husband, the infamous “Devil Charlie” Polk murder her with their infant son in her arms?  The museum will bring the crime to life as guests journey through the darkness of the woods and into the heart of Mecklenburg County’s oldest home.  The experience will loud explosions, special effects, and moments of complete darkness.

The Charlotte Museum of History is a not-for-profit organization that interprets and preserves Charlotte’s unique history. The Museum is the steward of the ca. 1774 Hezekiah Alexander Home Site, a National Register of Historic Places site, and places an emphasis on the settlement of the Carolina Backcountry and the ideas and events that led to the American Revolution. The Alexander House is the last extant home of a framer of North Carolina’s 1776 Constitution and Bill of Rights and the oldest surviving house in Mecklenburg County. In addition to the house, the Alexander home site contains a reproduction log kitchen, reconstructed two-story springhouse and log barn.

For more information on their upcoming event as well as all of the events at the Charlotte Museum of History, go to their website charlottemuseum.org.

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