Cemetery Movie Night: Harmless or Horrible?

A planned Halloween-themed movie night at a North Carolina cemetery is no longer going to happen.

Lafayette Memorial Park in Fayetteville posted on Facebook that it wanted to hold the screening next weekend, using green space that wouldn’t disturb burial grounds. The Facebook page says the event was supposed to be in honor of the owner’s grandparents, who loved watching movies before they passed away. The cemetery wanted to make the movie night a tradition, complete with popcorn, candy and soda.

But some people with family buried there hated the idea. The owners say they got a lot of comments from people afraid moviegoers would be disrespectful to lost loved ones. Some even said they would rather it use the money to improve the grounds instead. The cemetery says it was just trying to do something nice, but cancelled the event out of respect for everyone.

So what do you think? Is a movie night in the cemetery harmless, or horrible?