Major Traffic Changes At Charlotte-Douglas International Airport

CHARLOTTE, NC. —   Major changes happening to traffic flow at Charlotte-Douglas International airport. Thursday night, five new lower level lanes will open to the public.

Three current pickup lanes closest to baggage claim will be shut down. You’ll now be able to drive through five lanes closest to the parking deck. On October 31st, buses and shuttles will drive on the three lanes that are under construction.

“I think that’s a great idea. Right now there’s just too much congestion on this one side with three lanes trying to get out,” says Fort Mill resident Gary Mixon.

Uber and Lyft will have to pick up travelers upstairs at departures until October 31st. Then you’ll be able to use a ride share service downstairs, and they’ll have their own lane.

“More passengers means more money,” says Uber driver William Jackson.

All of this is the final step in the $50 million Traffic Shift for Elevated Roadway project. It started about four years ago.

“For the next week it’s going to be very busy as we try and make that transition, but we’re trying to get that done ahead of the holidays so that all that is taken care of,” says Chief Operating Officer of the airport Jack Christine.