Best of Snark: Outdaughtered Gum, Nobel Winners, Crying Dudes, Barney’s Back, Qantas Fun, Spinach Lovers, Pity Candy, and Those 5 New Saints

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Thanks to Outdaughtered we learned why you never give 4 year olds gum… and from Derek why we never give it to 40 year olds.

Congratulattions to John B. Goodenough for winning a Nobel Prize for science….to the runner up for getting oh so close.

So nice to find out that big boys do cry.

Barney the Purple Dinosaur is headed back to the big screen.

Qantas flights…as much fun as a family reunion.

Popeye loved his spinach and Olive Oyl made sure he got his fill.

Picking out that perfect pity costume for Halloween.

And still waiting on those 5 Rising saints to be canonized.

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