NC House, Senate Pass S199: “Huge Step Forward For Women’s Rights”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Women in North Carolina can now revoke consent.  Senator Jeff Jackson, who has sponsored legislation for four years to close the loophole, calls Thursday’s vote a “huge step forward for women’s rights.”

North Carolina has been the only state in the country where a woman cannot revoke consent once sex has begun. That means if a woman initially consents and sex turns violent, the man cannot be prosecuted for rape, even if he admits that she had withdrawn her consent.


Real life, happening right now, criminal cases were being impacted by this loophole.

For example: law enforcement has declined to take out charges because of this law. Prosecutors have declined to prosecute because of this law. A jury in Wake County found a defendant not guilty because of this law.

Sen. Jackson says, “This is the most common sense piece of legislation we’ll ever pass. It’s an incredible victory for women’s rights and protections for victims of sexual assault.”

He continues, “Every year victims would call us, share their stories and ask why this loophole still existed. I’m proud to be able to report back that it’s finally closed and I’m thankful for all the advocates and reporting that helped close this loophole.”

This marks the 4th time Jackson has filed this bill, and the first time it’s received a vote.

The bill has been sent to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s desk for his signature.

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