Former Mooresville Police Captain Fired in Another Shake-up in Department

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Another shake-up at the Mooresville Police Department.  A captain has been fired, just one day after the former police chief resigned.  Now, residents say they’re ready for some stability in their police force.

Former Mooresville Police Captain David Call was fired last week, one day after former Chief Damon Williams submitted his resignation.  Earlier this month, two longtime officers were demoted.  Two weeks ago, WCCB Charlotte sat down with Interim Chief Ron Campurciani to discuss policy changes following an investigation into complaints of a hostile work environment.  Now, his future with the department is uncertain.

Residents told us more questions need to be answered about what’s happening beneath the surface.

“I think the story should be let out, there shouldn’t be any question as to why all these people are being let go,” one resident said.

John Barnett, with the civil rights group, True Healing Under God, believes more firings are coming.  He represents several officers who’ve complained about harassment on the job.

“Believe it or not, there’s some form of relief because at least they see something happening,” says Barnett.

Interim Chief Ron Campurciani is still on the job.  So far, town leaders have not decided whether to offer him a longer contract beyond December 17th.