Stolen Dog Found After 6 Months, Local Couple Arrested

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Cell phone video taken the moment the Drury girls found out their beloved French bull dog had been found is full of happy tears and joyful screaming. The girls’ mother, Sonja Drury, worked for six months and one day, to be exact, to bring Espresso home, happily, just in time for the holidays. Drury tells WCCB, “I was just so thankful that we were all be reunited again and back together.”

Two people have been arrested and charged with felony larceny of a dog: 28-year-old Norma Rosario and 29-year-old Steve Rosario.  Both out of jail on bond. Drury says, “I don’t think they should get a slap on the wrist.” She continues, “If they’re not held accountable, then pet theft is just gonna continue.”

It all started back in May, when both of Drury’s dogs disappeared from her northwest Charlotte yard. The family put up missing posters, which led to a phone call from the Rosarios, and a meet-up at a nearby gas station to return one of the dogs, Nutella, who they claimed they randomly found.

The Drurys gave them a $250 reward. After that meet-up, the couple texted Sonja to say they’d keep her in their prayers as her search for Espresso continued.

All the while, police say, the Rosarios had the dog, and even went as far as to dye a patch of white fur on her chest. Drury says, “That was the way to identify Espresso, and they dyed it.” Espresso was also found underweight, missing fur, with infections in both ears, and with red, infected paws.

The case is still under investigation, and Sonja says police have asked her not to discuss exactly how she got her dog back. She will say this: “I never stopped looking or her.” She adds, “I had a whole community behind me.”

The Rosarios will be in court December 12. Sonja Drury tells us she will be there.