Families Report Hackers Watch & Talk To Them Via In-Home Security Cameras

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – What would you do if you’re lying in bed one night, and a stranger starts talking to you through a security camera inside your home? There are two reports of it in the last seven days! One in Mississippi, the other in Atlanta. In Mississippi, a mom installed a security camera in her young daughters’ room to watch them while she was at work. Four days after the camera went up, the family heard music playing from it, and a man talking to one of the girls, saying he was Santa Claus and wanted to be her friend. The family is returning the camera.

In Atlanta, a couple installed a Ring camera in their bedroom so they could keep an eye on their dog while they were at work. Then on Monday, the woman, who doesn’t want to be named, says this happened: “I was laying there and had just put him in his crate, and I hear a cough over the Ring camera and see the blue light come on, so I text my boyfriend saying, ‘Why are you watching? We’re laying down, and we’re about to go to sleep,’ and he’s like, ‘What are you talking about?'”

The hacker’s voice can be heard saying through the camera: “I can see you in bed! C’mon, wake the (bleep) up.” And, talking to their dog, saying: “Hey doggie doggie doggie, come here doggie!”

In both the Mississippi case and the Atlanta case, neither family filed a police report, but the Atlanta couple says they will.

Our question of the night: what would you do?

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