Charlotte Iranian Family Reacts To Soleimani’s Death

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Iran is asking the U-N Security Council to condemn the U-S air strike in Iraq that killed one of its top military commanders.  An Iranian Family in Charlotte talked to WCCB Charlotte about Qasem Soleimani’s death.

Bahman Maalizadeh says it’s a day many Iranians had been waiting for.  One of the world’s biggest terrorists, killed.  Maalizadeh, who is Iranian-American, says killing Soleimani was long overdue.  Thousands lined the streets as people carried the notorious leader’s casket from city to city, many chanting ‘death to America’.  But, according to Maalizadeh, much of this video showing devastated mourners is deceiving.  He says many Iranians were forced to flood the streets by the Iranian Government.

“It was orchestrated, engineered by the government,” says Maalizadeh.   “Telling them it is mandatory to go to this funeral. It was mandatory,” he says.  

Maalizadeh says Iran spent 50 million dollars to shut down government offices and schools in an effort to show the world their love and respect for Soleimani.  He also says many Iranians support President Trump because they believe he truly wants to protect America.