Drivers Confused by “Continuous-Flow Intersection” in Northwest Charlotte


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Confusion continues for drivers trying to navigate a busy intersection in Northwest Charlotte. A “continuous-flow intersection” is now open at Highway 16 and Mount Holly-Huntersville Road.

“It’s terrifying, it was just, it’s scary,” says Northwest Charlotte resident Melissa Jones.

She’s shaken up & wearing a boot on her left foot but is recovering after being injured in a car accident there on Monday night.

“Out of nowhere, a car just struck me from behind,” she explains.

The driver told her he got confused navigating the “continuous-flow intersection.”

The left turn lanes cross over oncoming lanes, through a series of stoplights.

NCDOT claims it improves traffic flow, but drivers say they’ve seen a number of accidents, and they’re not convinced traffic is moving faster.

“We spend like five minutes more than we’re supposed to,” says driver Hector Sanchez. “It’s a lot of stoplights.”

Drivers are also complaining about uneven pavement, “ghost lanes,” and people running red lights because they’re not timed long enough.

An NCDOT spokesperson tells WCCB Charlotte the contractor has been working on the pavement markings, but actual paving can’t be done right now, because it’s too cold.

NCDOT is urging drivers to take their time getting used to the intersection, which is a first-of-its-kind in North Carolina.

“This should be the first and the last,” Jones says. “Definitely the first and the last.”

She’s been out from work two days now and wants DOT to make changes.

“See what things they can do to improve this intersection. Because it is a death trap waiting, someone may not be lucky next time,” she says.

Drivers are also complaining about lighting issues. NCDOT tells us street lighting is up to the City of Charlotte.

A city spokesperson tells WCCB Charlotte it’s a time-consuming process, and one issue is that part of the intersection isn’t even in the city.