To Catch A Criminal: CMPD Searching for Family Dollar Robber

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Surveillance video shows the exact moment a store clerk realizes she’s being robbed. It happens at the Family Dollar off South Boulevard in south Charlotte at 10:30, the morning of January 18th.

A guy in a gray hoodie pretends like he’s buying a snack, the clerk goes to ring him up, and then: “When he gets to the counter, he passed the clerk a note,” explains Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Detective Adrian Johnson.

The surveillance video shows the note, a small piece of paper he slips onto the counter near the snack. She sees it, and quickly opens the register.

“He implied he had a gun and to empty the register,” says Johnson.

The video shows the robber pick the note back up, and put it in his pocket. Also, you can see it looks like he’s wearing gloves. Meantime, the clerk pulls cash from the register once, twice, three times, before the guy grabs it and takes off out of the store.

The robbery took fewer than 40 seconds. He never showed a firearm, but even still: “Whenever someone walks into a business and implies they have a gun, we take it very serious,” says Johnson. And, “We want people to know that if they see the suspect, that he’s possibly a dangerous suspect and he may be carrying a weapon.”

If you know the guy in that video, click here, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600, or download the Charlotte Crime Stoppers app. You will not be asked for your name, number or address, you will not have to go to court, and you could get a cash reward.